4 Tips to Find an Emergency Dentist in Phoenix, AZ

4 Tips to Find an Emergency Dentist in Phoenix, AZ

January 1, 2023

Emergencies tend to happen when least expected, especially dental emergencies. According to research, one in six Americans faces a dental emergency annually. The most challenging part about having an emergency is finding the right care. Who should you call? Where should you go for treatment? Is emergency treatment really necessary? Having the phone number ofan emergency dentist before an emergency arises is a great idea. Contact our emergency dentist in Phoenix, AZ, for urgent dental care near you.

This guide highlights four tips for finding an emergency dentist near you so that you can receive prompt dental care when a dental emergency strikes.

  • Speak to your dentist.

Whenever you experience an oral problem, your first action should be to call your general or family dentist. They can guide you on managing your symptoms until the dental office opens. If they cannot help, they will refer you to the nearest emergency dentist they trust. The good thing is that general or family dentists have many contacts with other dental professionals, so you can rest assured that they’ll guide you to the right care.

  • Ask friends or family for a recommendation.

Chances are that one of your friends or family has likely experienced a dental emergency or knows someone who has or knows a good dentist who offers emergency dentistry. Therefore, you’ll likely get some potential emergency dentists by asking friends and family. Like your general dentist, people you trust will direct you to reliable dentists.

  • Visit your local emergency hospital.

In cases of severe symptoms like pain, bleeding, fever, or knocked out tooth, it’s essential to find medical care as soon as possible. Otherwise, the condition can get worse quickly if not addressed promptly. If you can’t get recommendations for an emergency dentist, visiting a nearby dental emergency clinic or hospital might be a good idea.

Even if they can’t address your underlying problem, they can help manage your symptoms until you see a dentist. Even better, they might know where you can get the right care.

  • Conduct a quick search online.

While it’s not the most reliable, Google can help. Search for emergency dentists in your area, and you’ll have a list of reputable dentists within seconds. Call to confirm whether they can help you. Whether choosing an emergency dentist online, be sure to consider a couple of things, including:

  • Location. Ensure the dentist is in a convenient location, probably in your local area, where you can reach them quickly.
  • Online reviews. Thanks to Google reviews, you can examine the quality of a dentist and how satisfied their previous patients were.
  • Insurance. You can call the dentist to determine whether they work with your insurance. It’s even better if they have reasonable financing options for costs that your insurance doesn’t cover.

What to do While Waiting for Professional Care

Though it may be easier said than done, try to remain calm regardless of how painful or uncomfortable your situation is. Panic will only add more stress and cloud your judgment, making it harder to find reliable care. Have a friend or family help you find an emergency dentist or drive you to the dentist.

Try taking over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen to manage your symptoms like pain. Use a cold compress to manage pain and swelling. If you have a knocked-out tooth, gently place it in the socket or preserve it in a glass of milk or water and take it to the dentist during your appointment.

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