Dental Teeth Whitening as Part of Your Beauty Routine

Dental Teeth Whitening as Part of Your Beauty Routine

May 1, 2022

Your smile plays an essential role in your professional and personal life. Having discolored teeth can make you self-conscious about your smile. There are various methods available for whitening your teeth. But it is best to avoid unorthodox techniques and discuss such whitening options with a dentist in Phoenix. Teeth whitening can be another way to compliment your beauty routine.

Why Consider Teeth Whitening from a Dentist?

Dentists have extensive knowledge about your dental anatomy and know the correct whitening options to give you the quickest results possible. Over-the-counter whitening remedies do not always whiten your teeth and can take months before you see any results.

Over-the-counter products are generic and created for everyone without considering whether you have extrinsic or intrinsic stains.

On the other hand, dentists who provide teeth whitening customize a treatment specifically for you to ensure they deliver whiter and brighter results. Most importantly, the treatment offered by the dentist is safe and effective, leaving you with no complications in your mouth after receiving the whitening treatment.

What Must You Endure during Teeth Whitening by a Dentist?

You should know that professional teeth whitening can be expensive from a dentist near you. Professional teeth whitening costs approximately $650 per session.

When you visit a Phoenix dentist for teeth whitening, you undergo a straightforward procedure that takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes. The dentist first examines your mouth to ensure your eligibility for teeth whitening. Typically, dentists won’t provide whitening treatments if a patient has tooth decay or gum disease. Instead, they recommend that patients have the conditions treated before considering cosmetic whitening treatments.

If you are eligible for the teeth whitening procedure, the dentist will clean your teeth to eliminate plaque and tartar deposits that can discolor your teeth. The dentist starts by noting the existing shade of your teeth for comparison later. The dentist ensures your cheeks, lips, and gums are protected with cheek retractors and rubber dams to prevent them from being sensitive to the bleaching agent. Next, the dentist applies a concentrated hydrogen peroxide four times during an hour at 15-minute intervals each. After every 15 minutes, the application on your teeth is suctioned off and applied again.

Your teeth are also exposed to heat and light, which accompany the whitening treatment to accelerate the bleaching and whiten your teeth faster.

After an hour, the dentist will have you rinse your mouth and give you a fluoride treatment to ensure you don’t experience any sensitivity and strengthen your tooth enamel to fight against cavities for several months. After that, the dentist will compare the color difference of your teeth with the notes they made earlier, and you will see that the color of your teeth has improved by three to eight shades out of 16, giving you a brighter smile.

If you want to see even better results or maintain your new brighter teeth, our Phoenix dentist can get you customized at-home teeth whitening trays with gel and instructions on when and how to use them. The at-home trays help you incorporate a teeth whitening regimen into your beauty routine from the comfort of your home.

To maintain your brighter smile longer, you should limit or avoid staining foods and beverages, maintain excellent dental hygiene, and schedule six-monthly cleanings with the dentist.

Teeth whitening can be a part of your beauty routine but will require help from dental professionals like We Care Dental to receive customized treatment. Schedule an appointment today!