Do You Know The Perks of Choosing Overdentures?

Do You Know The Perks of Choosing Overdentures?

November 1, 2022

Thanks to the numerous innovations and breakthroughs in dentistry, you don’t have to worry much about losing your bite function and beautiful smile if you’ve lost one or more of your permanent teeth. There are several restorative treatments that you can get to replace your missing teeth and restore your ability to eat, chew, speak, and laugh normally.

If you’ve lost several teeth, a denture is a cost-effective and reliable solution to restore your oral function and smile. Complete and partial dentures are the most common types of dentures. Complete dentures are ideal if you’ve lost all your natural teeth on either or both jaws, while partial dentures are suitable if you’ve just lost one or a few of your permanent teeth. However, now there is a much better option called overdentures.

Keep reading to learn what overdentures are and their perks to help you decide whether they are the right solution for your missing teeth.

What are Overdentures?

Unlike traditional dentures, overdentures provide excellent comfort and functionality. Your natural teeth or dental implants support the denture. They provide better stability, making them more comfortable to eat, speak, and laugh with and unlikely to fall out or dislodge.

While very effective, overdentures aren’t suitable for all patients. That said, it’s best to schedule an appointment with our dentist in Phoenix, AZ, to determine whether you’re eligible for the treatment and learn more about it.

The Benefits of Choosing Overdentures

Patients who choose overdentures enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  • Promote jawbone health

When you lose teeth, the chewing activity in the underlying jawbone lessens. Over time, this results in jawbone deterioration. Consequently, a weakened jawbone causes the facial muscles to collapse, leading to a sunken face, wrinkles, and premature aging. Since dental implants support overdentures, they provide jawbone stimulation, encouraging jawbone growth. Traditional dentures don’t allow jawbone stimulation.

  • Durable

Since the structure of your mouth changes as you age, traditional dentures tend to loosen over time. Therefore, they require replacements or re-adjustments every few years. Since overdentures have support from dental implants fixed into the jawbone, they are far more permanent and durable.

  • Excellent stability

Since your mouth and adhesives support traditional dentures, they don’t offer excellent stability and strength. They can easily fall off or dislodge when chewing, speaking, or sneezing, which can be embarrassing. Since overdentures have support from dental implants attached to the jawbone, they offer excellent stability, almost similar to that of your natural teeth.

  • Improved bite function

The excellent stability offered by the jawbone gives overdentures a strong bite, allowing you to enjoy hard and chewy foods that are otherwise difficult to eat with traditional dentures or missing teeth. It improves your nutrition and digestion, which benefits your oral and overall health.

  • Improved appearance and self-confidence

Missing teeth can significantly damage your smile and self-confidence. Overdentures close the gaps of the missing teeth, giving a bright full set of teeth and giving you a reason to smile again. Similarly, overdentures promote jawbone growth which supports your facial muscles, giving you a youthful and natural smile. A beautiful smile will make you feel good about yourself, positively impacting your psychological health.

  • No more adhesives

Traditional dentures need adhesive to remain in place. These adhesives can be messy, taste bad, and cause reactions. Overdentures have support from dental implants fixed permanently into the jawbone, eliminating the need for adhesives. Still, they offer better stability than adhesives.

  • Great comfort

Traditional dentures can irritate your gums and dislodge when eating or speaking, which can be uncomfortable. Since dental implants support overdentures, they mimic a natural tooth, making them more comfortable.

  • Enhanced quality of life

Compared to traditional dentures, overdentures provide excellent stability, enhanced bite function, and appearance. This means you can eat better, speak better, feel better, and smile confidently, which greatly impacts your physical, physiological, and overall quality of life.

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