All-on-4® Denture Implants

All-on-4® Denture Implants in Phoenix, AZ

Are traditional dentures causing discomfort, or have you suffered bone resorption? All-on-4® denture implants are a more efficient, innovative, and less invasive way of replacing missing or lost teeth. Although similar to traditional implant-supported dentures, All-on-4 implants use fewer implants to support a full arch of denture teeth.

While traditional implants provide good support for dentures, on the other hand, they require several months of healing time, and in most cases, a patient may have to undergo bone grafting. We Care Dental AZ offers All-on-4 treatment, providing our patients with a quicker, more affordable tooth replacement solution.

Who Needs All-on-4 Dentures?

People whose entire teeth have come out can receive All-on-4 denture implants. Those whose remaining teeth have to be extracted can also receive these dentures. The All-on-4 dentures are ideal for even those with reduced bone mass.

All-on-4 Denture Implant Procedure

A dentist near you places the threaded screws onto the jawbone. The upper and lower teeth arches are recorded to create impressions for making the dentures. Once a dentist in Phoenix, AZ, inserts the implants, the overdentures can be affixed over the implants right away, reducing the patient wait time for placement of the dentures.

With proper care, denture implants in Phoenix last forever. However, due to natural wear, you will have to replace the dentures placed over the implants every 15 or so years.

Advantages of All-on-4 Dentures

Since a dentist in Phoenix, AZ, only uses four threaded implants on your All-on-4 system, the procedure is considered less invasive than the regular implants. Additionally, because the two implants placed at the back are angled at a 45-degree positioning, they remain stable even in cases where low bone density is identified. In most cases, incidents that would usually need bone grafting don’t need preliminary surgeries.

Our dentist will evaluate you for the implants before proceeding with the placement. Many patients find that they can heal within a short time.
Visit We Care Dental AZ if you need All-on-4 dental implants near you.

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