Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

Most people feel like their teeth are clean after brushing twice a day, and hopefully flossing each day as well. However, most tooth decay begins at a level that is difficult to see by just glancing at your smile in the mirror. That’s why our dentists near you offer deep teeth cleaning, to ensure that your teeth and gums achieve and maintain optimal oral health. At We Care Dental, our deep cleaning dentists provide professional cleanings to help reduce the harmful effects of tooth decay.

Difference between Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleanings

Regular teeth cleaning is a routine procedure that dentists near you recommend patients get every six months. A deep teeth cleaning is a dental procedure that requires the skills of a qualified dentist and more effort to complete. The procedure involves removing plaque below the gum line, where harmful bacteria reside. Deep cleanings also remove tartar on teeth surfaces and tight spaces between teeth. While both procedures may differ slightly, they’re both performed by a deep cleaning dentist and are done to keep patients in good oral health. Patients can see a noticeable difference between deep cleaning teeth before and after. Also, regular teeth cleanings don’t require anesthesia or sedation, while deep teeth cleanings require them to be done safely.

When Should You Get Deep Cleaning?

Some patients may ask, “is a deep cleaning necessary?” The answer to this depends on the severity of the patient’s gum disease. Deep teeth cleanings are typically done when the patient has gum disease or cavities. Deep cleanings are generally done to remove plaque and tartar from the surfaces of the teeth and are also commonly known as scaling and root planing. A dentist’s deep cleaning usually takes about an hour, and the procedure requires local anesthesia to numb the area. While there is a difference between a deep cleaning and a regular cleaning dentist, both help keep your good oral health.

Laser Treatment for Deep Cleanings

Laser treatments are often used in deep cleanings and effectively remove plaque and tartar from teeth. It removes stains and plaque from the tooth surfaces and below the gum line. A significant benefit of using lasers in deep cleanings is that dentists can use them for adults and children, but they are only recommended if they have healthy teeth. Laser treatments are an ideal procedure to consider as it is less invasive. It also promotes a faster recovery time and causes minimal discomfort while lowering swelling and preventing excessive bleeding.

How We Do Our Part

Most experts recommend that patients have routine dental exams and teeth cleanings in Phoenix, AZ every six months. This allows our dentists, to regularly assess the health of your teeth and gums and make sure that any plaque and tartar build-up is eliminated with professional teeth cleaning methods and tools. No matter how diligent your at-home oral hygiene habits are, bacteria form and collect on your teeth to create plaque, which results in the erosion of your tooth’s enamel. This decay creates cavities that then require restorative treatment.

Professional teeth cleaning is an effective preventive measure against tooth decay and the harm it causes to teeth. In addition, our staff can advise you of potential problem areas for monitoring.

How You Can Do Your Part

Of course, it’s important that patients do their part in maintaining the condition of their teeth and gums. This includes proper brushing and flossing techniques each day. Other ways that patients can do their part in keeping up their oral health are limiting the intake of sugary food and drinks and avoiding tobacco products such as smoking and chewing. The use of tobacco can increase the risk of oral health complications including gum disease. Committing to routine teeth cleanings is also a way to do your part in supporting your full dental health.

If it’s time for you to get your teeth cleaned, call our professional staff to make an appointment. Our team at We Care Dental looks forward to providing you with clean, fresh, and polished teeth! We are happy to serve our patients from all across the Phoenix area.

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