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Overdentures in Phoenix, AZ

What is the difference between dentures and overdentures?

Dentures vs. overdentures are similar, but the main difference is that overdentures are permanently fixed to the natural teeth. In contrast, dentures can be removed and need to be cleaned after each use. Both are similar, and they’re typically recommended for those who have lost all their natural teeth. Another difference is that an implant-supported overdenture is held in place through dental implants that your dentist can remove. An immediate overdenture is dentures that are fixed right after tooth extraction. Our dental clinic in Phoenix provides both implant-supported overdenture and immediate overdenture for patients looking for overdenture on natural teeth. Both are excellent procedures to consider if you need teeth replacements.

Benefits of choosing overdentures

We often get asked, ‘what is an overdenture?’. Overdentures are fixed in place and can only be removed by your dentist. They’re the perfect option if you’re looking for missing teeth replacements and want to restore your bite. Whether you choose to get a tooth-supported overdenture or an implant overdenture would depend on your needs and how much jawbone tissue is available. Dental implants are used to fix an implant overdenture, enabling your dentist to remove them if needed. Dental implants will also mean a lower risk of jawbone deterioration, giving the patient a long-term fix for their bite. They are known to last up to a decade but would have to be refitted every three to five years.

When would a patient be a good candidate for an overdenture?

A patient may be a good candidate for an overdenture if they have lost some of their natural teeth due to injuries or tooth decay but still have some healthy teeth remaining. Overdentures are perfect teeth replacements and are more cost-effective when compared to similar treatments like dental implants. Patients can also get an overdenture if their remaining natural teeth are too weak or damaged for a regular denture. However, if the patients have insufficient bone tissue, they may not be able to get an overdenture. This is because dental implant overdentures require enough bone tissue, as it will be fixed in place using dental implants. Visit us to learn more about implant overdenture steps or the overdenture procedure.

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