Custom Made Dentures in our Phoenix, AZ office

Most people associate dentures with elderly patients. However, at We Care Dental, we understand that patients of any age can suffer significant tooth loss. This occurs primarily due to severe tooth decay and/or periodontal disease or trauma and/or injury to the mouth. No matter the reason for a patient losing all or nearly all of their teeth, our dentists near you can restore their oral health and wellness and improve their quality of life with dentures. At We Care Dental, we are dedicated to serving patients from all across the Phoenix area. We also offer same-day denture repair and relines.

Significant Tooth Loss and Quality of Life

Significant tooth loss can drastically alter a patient’s quality of life. With few to no teeth, patients struggle with proper eating and chewing habits, which can create nutritional deficiencies. In addition, many people with extensive tooth loss feel self-conscious in their interpersonal relationships. This can reduce confidence in how a patient smiles or speaks.

Dentures to Restore Quality of Life

Some people suffer significant tooth loss but still have one or more teeth left intact in their mouth. In this case, to preserve the remaining teeth if they are healthy, our dental care team recommends partials. Partials are a set of dentures that accommodate one or more of the natural teeth left in a patient’s mouth. If a patient has suffered total tooth loss, either in the upper or lower jaw or both, our team recommends full dentures. Full dentures feature a full set of upper or lower teeth, designed to replace complete tooth loss in a patient’s mouth.

Dentures can be life-changing in terms of improving a patient’s quality of life. They restore the ability to eat, chew, and speak properly. In addition, they restore a look of oral health to patients by allowing them to smile confidently with a set of replacement teeth that look natural.

If you have suffered the loss of all or nearly all of your teeth, contact our professional staff at We Care Dental. Our dental office in Phoenix, AZ will design the appropriate type of dentures to restore the aesthetics and function of your mouth, in addition to improving your quality of life. You don’t have to live with significant tooth loss. Make an appointment with our team today!