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Getting a dental crown can restore your ability to chew a range of foods and improve your smile’s appearance. At We Care Dental in Phoenix, Arizona, Brad Mladenov, RDH, and his team of dentists create custom crowns to protect weak teeth or cover dental implants then affix them securely in place. To explore your options for crowns, call We Care Dental or book an appointment online today.

Crowns Q & A

What are crowns?

Dental crowns are custom-designed caps that cover teeth. When you get a dental crown at We Care Dental, the team evaluates your bite and takes impressions to use while making your crown. They craft the crown to look exactly like your original tooth and fit over it perfectly. 

Before fixing your crown onto your tooth with a strong cement bonding material, the team removes some enamel from your tooth. This makes way for the crown so it doesn’t look bulky. They also take note of the shades of your teeth so they can make your crown match perfectly with your natural teeth. 

If you’re getting a metal crown for a molar, this isn’t part of the process. However, porcelain can be color-matched to look nearly identical to your other teeth. The team at We Care Dental then makes your crown in the in-house laboratory. 

No matter what kind of crown you get, the materials are high-quality and can last for many years. With your crown securely attached to your tooth, you can chew confidently without worrying about breaking your tooth or causing further tooth damage. 

Why do I need a crown?

There are many reasons why the team at We Care Dental might recommend a crown to you. A crown can cover a tooth for these reasons:

  • Concealing severe discoloration not treatable with whitening
  • Restoring the shape and structure of a broken tooth
  • Supporting a tooth with a filling
  • Protecting a decayed tooth from damage
  • Securing a dental bridge
  • Holding the pieces of a broken tooth together

You can also get a crown as part of your dental implant restoration. If you get an implant to replace the root of a missing tooth, the team at We Care Dental can affix a crown onto the implant’s abutment to replace the missing tooth. Crowns covering implants look and function almost exactly the same as natural teeth. 

What should I do if a crown breaks or falls off?

The team at We Care Dental cements your crown onto your tooth or onto the abutment of your implant. It’s unlikely that the crown will break or fall off, but accidents happen. You might lose or break a crown after impact or after unknowingly biting into a solid object, like the pit of a fruit. 

If the crown falls off and is still intact, you should take it out of your mouth and clean both the crown and the tooth. You should call We Care Dental as soon as you can to make an appointment to have it reattached. If the crown is broken or if you swallow it, the team can make and attach a new one. 

While you can’t always avoid such an accident, you can reduce your chances of damaging a crown and make it last for as long as possible by never using your teeth to tear through plastic. You should also try not to crunch into solid objects like hard candies or popcorn seeds.

To find out if a beautiful, custom crown fits into your dental treatment plan, call We Care Dental or book a consultation online today.