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Losing many or all of your teeth can have a major impact on your life. Suddenly, simple tasks like eating and speaking are challenging. With a custom set of dentures by Brad Mladenov, RDH, and his team of dentists at We Care Dental in Phoenix, Arizona, you can perform these tasks easily again. For more information about dentures, call We Care Dental or book an appointment online today.

Dentures Q & A

What are dentures?

Dentures are custom, prosthetic devices that take the place of most or all of your teeth. They include a set of false pink gums and false teeth that look very close to your real teeth. 

If you need to replace all of your teeth, you likely need full dentures. If you still have a few of your original teeth that are too healthy to remove, you can get a partial set of dentures with metal brackets that anchor onto your remaining natural teeth.

The gum part of your dentures is made of a soft rubbery plastic that feels comfortable against your gums. The teeth are generally made of a solid resin that looks like teeth and matches their color. Wearing dentures can restore your eating and speaking abilities without requiring you to undergo surgery for implants. However, you may be able to get implant-supported dentures if you’re a candidate for implants. 

What is the process for getting dentures?

Getting dentures starts with an examination and a round of X-rays at We Care Dental. The team views your mouth and jaw to get an idea of its shape and size. They decide whether you need one or more extractions before you get dentures. They might choose to extract your remaining natural teeth if they’re not strong enough to support a partial denture. 

If you get immediate dentures, the team takes measurements and traditional impressions at a prior appointment and has your dentures ready to go on the day of your extractions. You can leave the office wearing your new dentures, but you’ll probably need to come back within a few weeks to adjust their fit as you heal from the extractions.

If you don’t get immediate dentures, the team performs the extractions before taking the impressions for your dentures. They take the impressions to the in-house lab at We Care Dental where they carefully craft dentures that fit perfectly once your jaw has healed from the extractions. 

What happens if I break my dentures?

It’s possible to break your dentures if you drop them or if they weaken over time. If this happens, the team at We Care Dental can make same-day repairs in the in-office lab. Then, you can go home with intact dentures the very same day as the break. 

Dentures can also warp and stop fitting perfectly. To prevent this from happening, you should submerge them in warm water when you take them out to sleep. If you wear your dentures one day and find that they don’t fit well anymore, the team at We Care Dental can perform a same-day denture reline. A reline helps your dentures fit more securely. 

Even with repairs and relines, you’ll eventually need to replace your dentures. With the right care and maintenance, a good set of dentures can last for up to a decade. 

To find out more about dentures and the benefits of wearing them, call We Care Dental or book an appointment online today.