Top Seven Realities to Understand before Getting Dental Veneers

Top Seven Realities to Understand before Getting Dental Veneers

December 1, 2021

Dental veneers are increasingly gaining in popularity among people looking to enhance the appearance of their teeth. Veneers are thin shells of composite resin or porcelain bonded to the surfaces of the front teeth. Veneers help cover broken, chipped, uneven, gapped, and discolored teeth unresponsive to teeth whitening treatments. However, veneers are not a solution to fix every dental issue. Therefore before you consider getting veneers, you must understand the seven realities of these placements to make an informed decision.

Considering veneers over your teeth is an individual decision but requires help from the dentist in Phoenix to determine whether you are suitable for the veneer process. During your appointment with the dentist, your teeth are evaluated to determine whether you are affected by infections like tooth decay or gum disease. If any conditions affect your teeth and mouth, you must have them treated before considering dental veneers over your teeth.

Dental veneers near me are unsuitable if you have a severely damaged or broken tooth because the dentist recommends dental crowns instead of veneer placements. However, if you are suitable, the following information helps you make an informed decision because it provides the top seven realities of dental veneers. They are:

1. Veneers Change Your Smile Instantly

If you visit the dentist 85023 for veneers, you may think about how dental veneers are different from braces. Let us inform you the process for getting veneers is relatively straightforward and doesn’t require months or years to correct the imperfections with your teeth. Veneers instantly change the color of your teeth, close gaps, and hide severely discolored teeth. Veneers are unlike braces which are helpful only for straightening teeth. Veneers are external surfaces bonded to your teeth to hide your dental imperfections if you don’t want orthodontic treatments.

2. How Many Veneers You Want Is Your Choice

You could have any number of veneers over your teeth, depending on which tooth is damaged. Whether you want one veneer or eight veneers over your front teeth is entirely your decision because the dentist doesn’t compel you to have them over all your teeth.

3. Veneers Have Stain Resistant Qualities

If you have porcelain veneers over your teeth, rest assured they are stain-resistant and will not force teeth whitening treatment on you frequently like your natural teeth. However, it helps if you refrain from having staining foods and beverages that might discolor your remaining teeth to create a variance in your mouth in the shade of the veneers and your natural teeth.

4. Veneers Are Permanent

If you get porcelain veneers, you must undergo an enamel removal process past the dentin before the customized surfaces are created for you. The enamel removal is irreversible because your tooth enamel cannot regenerate itself. Therefore although porcelain veneers have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, you must continue having them over your teeth even after their suggested lifespan. Therefore after you have them over your teeth, you must ensure they remain there permanently in optimal condition or get similar replacements paying high prices.

5. Getting Veneers Is Straightforward

Enhancing the appearance of your teeth with veneers is a relatively straightforward procedure. First, you need to schedule a couple of appointments to get the teeth veneers crafted and bonded to your teeth before walking out of the dentist’s office flashing your new smile.

6. Eating with Veneers Is Not a Challenge

After veneers are bonded to your teeth, they function just like your natural teeth without restricting you from having the foods you love. So long as you ensure you don’t bite complex foods with your veneer bonded teeth, you can rest assured the surfaces aren’t going to pose any challenges. Exercising caution is your responsibility to ensure the shells don’t chip or crack like your natural teeth. As they are attached to your front teeth, you must refrain from biting into crunchy foods to avoid damaging your new placements.

7. When Getting Veneers Your Natural Teeth Remain in Your Mouth

When getting dental veneers, besides enduring some compromise to your tooth enamel, the remaining tooth structure remains intact in your mouth as the veneers are placed on the exterior surfaces of the teeth. Dental veneers use the healthy natural tooth as a base on which they are attached. Therefore, veneers merely cover the front surface of the tooth and do not encase the entire tooth like dental crowns.

As you have information on what you can expect when getting dental veneers, you can contact the Phoenix dentist for a discussion to determine which type of veneer you want to have over your teeth.

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